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Our bar package can be customize to meet all your  needs, and can ranges from a standard host bar, premium, top shelf, beer & wine, martini bar and Champagne bar.   If you’re planning, a product launch, corporate event, fund raiser, wedding, birthday celebration or an elegant dinner, our team will gladly take care of all the details, full set-up of the bar, glassware, linens, bar equipment, flowers, staff or any special requests you may have for your customized bar. Or we can do as little as you prefer. Call us @  (585) 202-4216

Our professional bar staff and event management team offer bar services for your special event.   We provide floor plans, handle all necessary permit applications and licensing and provide beer, wine, liquor, champagne, and non-alcoholic beverages as needed.

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Book your party today - [585.202.4216]  24 hours/365.

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